Know Your Rights After an Accident

Know Your Rights After an Accident

Choose the auto body shop you trust in Lufkin

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Consumer Bill of Rights, legally it is your choice as to which shop you choose for auto body repair. Insurance companies and their representatives are prohibited from steering you to a specific auto body shop.

Some insurance companies might suggest that your claim will take longer to process if you don't use their approved shop; this isn't true. They might also suggest that they will not guarantee the repairs if you choose your preferred shop. Repairs are warranted by the shop that performed the repairs, not the insurance company.

When you need high-quality collision repair in the Lufkin TX area, choose an auto body shop you can rely on. Bodymasters Quality Collision Repair will work with you to make sure your claim is processed and your repairs are performed in a proper, safe, and guaranteed manner.

Not all insurance companies are the same.

Don't be taken in by the lowest prices with insurance.
How well you are taken care of after a claim should be of great importance. Poor customer service can turn a minor accident into a claims nightmare, all over a few dollars savings.
If you want to know how good an insurance company is or how well the claims department will pay your claim when the time arises, stop by a reputable collision center to get a report card rating.

Not all collision repair shops are the same.

When it comes to properly repairing a wrecked vehicle do not think that every shop is capable of handling the repairs the same.
Reputable collision shops that are in the business for the long haul and that offer lifetime warranties have made more investments in their business that prove to be better products, equipment, and personnel than some others that may offer cheaper prices, leaving you with improper, unsafe and devalued repairs to your vehicle.

Make Bodymasters Quality Collision Repair your choice

When you choose Bodymasters to repair your vehicle after an accident, we'll do more than provide superior auto body repair services. We will assist with all insurance claims as well as with your rental car needs.

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